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Vision QuadrActiv
Vision QuadrAct...

helps me with rheumatic problems a lot. I am off my pain killers pills now:)

5 of 5 Stars!

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Vision QuadrActiv


Vision QuadrActiv

Vision QuadrActiv bracelets have been designed on the basis of TriActiv bracelets using a new active element - Germanium. The insert containing Germanium is marked in blue on the bracelet. Vision QuadrActiv is combined power of these four elements:

Body harmony

  • SOLAR TEQ Bio-ceramic inserts emitting infra red rays in the specific wavelength range of 4 to 14 micron;
  • AERO TEQ Bio-ceramic inserts that emit negatively charged oxygen ions in the range of 800 to 1,000 ions per cubic cm;
  • GERMATEQ Bio-ceramic inserts with Germanium 200 PPM; and
  • MAG TEQ Magnet inserts emitting a magnetic field strength of 750 to 800 gauss.

  • Vision QuadrActiv Germaniumís quality of a leading semiconductor is taken advantage of in the Vision QuadrActiv. Germanium is subject to an active chemical process as a result of which conversion elections are released that radiate at an extraordinarily short wavelength, and at tactile contact with germanium (that is, when it has direct contact with the body), due to the penetrative ability of electrons complex biochemical processes occur in the body that influence our bodies so beneficially.

    And we know that there are a lot of biologically active spots on our wrists that are connected to the internal organs. If the curative properties of germanium are joined to magneto therapy, a mutual intensification of their biological and therapeutic effects will occur: the lymphodrainage function of the tissues will grow significantly and the elasticity and tone of the vessels will normalize Ė the speed of the blood flow in them will grow and the diameter of the capillaries will increase, which will cause a vessel-expanding, anti-edemic, and immuno-stimulating action

    Constant wearing of the Vision QuadrActiv bracelet helps achieve:

    Vision QuadrActiv

  • holistic invigoration of the circulatory system, improvement of blood coagulation;
  • enrichment of cells with oxygen and, consequently, their rejuvenation;
  • are experiencing stress, general discomfort and/or physical pain; and
  • intensification of the microcirculation of the vessels, enhancement of tissue elasticity; and
  • activation of vessel expansion, anti-edemic and immunostimulating action.
Vision QuadrActiv

Vision QuadrActiv bracelet: life under protection!

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Biologically active supplements, vitamins by Vision.

Product Reviews
Ewa Kawecka - 10/06/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
helps me with rheumatic problems a lot. I am off my pain killers pills now:)

Ela Kowalska - 03/23/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
Wonderful! I wouldn`t believe that it is possible, if I wouldn`t tried. Each headache disappears under the applied bracelet to the place of pain. This also applies to the joints pain and bruises. The highest rate-for sure

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