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I have been using this for a about a 4 weeks now and no irritation and it makes my skin feel moist. I recently bought L`oreal - very expensive and not sure I saw the benefits of it. Even though this has a scent to it - it does not bother my very allergic skin.....hope it works even better with time...and hoping for tighter, clearer skin--thanks

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The tea was made on the base of carefully selected herbs that were cultivated in Lithuania, in an ecologically clean region of venčionėliai, located next to the Aukstaitijos national park.

Composition has been specially developed by experts of a research laboratory of a Lithuanian company Svencioniu Vaistazoles which has been producing herbal teas since 1883 года and carefully preserves its best traditions. Tea compositions take into account unique attributes of each ingredient as well as taste preferences of consumers, retaining at the same time a full spectre of beneficial properties. Each mixture is distinguished by an individual bouquet of aromas and flavors. Vision Tea does not contain artificial coloring agents, flavoring agents, preservatives and additives. Vision Tea mixtures warm and tone up or calm the nervous system, contribute to good metabolism.

Brewing Vision Tea is as easy and simple as regular tea in bags.

Advantages of new Vision Tea types:

  • Inexpensive and versatile product for the most different consumer groups (2,7 conv. currency units, 0,54 CV)
  • A tool for initiating good communication with clients and offering them other products of the company
Advantages of the Vision Tea packaging:
  • Modern production technology with use of a natural cotton thread that reliably fastens label to a bag
  • Individual packaging of tea bags allow to preserve aroma and freshness
  • Convenient and easy navigation by types of tea each box has its own color strip
Useful advise:
  • Do not taste more than one or two types of Vision Tea at once
  • Do not take too many sweets during tea drinking this can spoil the taste of a drink
  • You can decide on your preferences only upon several tastings
With Vision Tea caring for your health become a true pleasure!

Hibiscus and wild berries
Hibiscus and wild berries
helps energize and strengthen the overall body