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Sufferd for depression for 2 years in the past. i lost my job and 2 mounths ago my wife left me, and i still feel relatively fine- no signs of depression.For me it is the best product ever, and trust me i tried a lot

5 of 5 Stars!

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Natural antidepressant

St John`s wort extract

The ingredients in the Hiper biologically active food supplement make up for a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances in ones diet, and also help lower the risk of developing depression.

Biologically active food supplement Hiper:

  • helps fight depression,
  • reduces the risk of depression,
  • removes negative effects of depressive states

The components of Hiper are 100% organic

St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) has anti-depressive, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect St John's wort is today most widely known as a herbal treatment for major depression. In some countries, such as Germany, it is commonly prescribed for mild depression, especially in children, adolescents, and where cost is a concern. Standardized extracts are generally available

Clinical studies of St John's wort preparations have mainly focused on the efficacy of the herb in clinical depression. Several studies and meta-analyses have found it to be effective in the treatment of mild to moderate depression, with fewer side effects than many conventional antidepressants.

Clinical evidence
Clinical studies of St John's wort preparations have mainly focused on the efficacy of the herb in clinical depression. Several studies and meta-analyses have found it to be effective in the treatment of mild to moderate depression, with fewer side effects than many conventional antidepressants.

Major depressive disorder
In 2008, a team of German scientists reviewed 29 clinical trials involving a total of 5,489 people. The trials included adults with major depression who were randomly assigned either St. John's wort, a placebo, or a standard prescription antidepressant. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew who was getting which treatment during the trials. Reviewers found that in nine of the larger trials, people who took St. John's wort and those who took a standard antidepressant for four to 12 weeks had similar outcomes when it came to how well they felt after treatment. The reviewers also concluded that St. John's wort was more effective than placebo and had fewer side effects than standard antidepressants.

Hawthorn (Grataegus monogina Jacq) strengthens the contractility of cardiac and reduces its excitation, provides anti-arrhythmic and anti-neurotic effect. It is applied at malfunction of cardiac-vascular and nervous system.

In herbalism the active ingredients in Hawthorn are: tannins, flavonoids, essential oil, triterpene-carbonic acids and purine derivatives. The fruits contain tannins, flavonoids, pigments and vitamins. An infusion of hawthorn is used to treat various heart and circulatory problems and to support digitalis therapy.

Black Horehound (Ballota nigra) has sedative, spasmolytic and anti-emetic effect. Ballota nigra is a perennial herb of the family Lamiaceae. It is native to the Mediterranean region and to central Asia, and can be found throughout Europe and the Eastern United States. It is a garden plant that has medicinal properties, believed to ease nausea and vomiting, and also acts as a mild sedative.

Clinic of health food

Hiper is a carefully calibrated antidepressant supplement for men, women, and teenagers who suffer from mild to severe depression and anxiety.

Hiper is a Scientifically Developed, All-Natural Formula that Will Treat and Help Prevent a Relapse from your depression, anxiety or mood disorder.

Hiper has helped lift spirits in users who have actually forgotten what its like to be cheerful, optimistic and happy.


St. John's Wort
100 mg
Black horehound
50 mg
50 mg
10 mg
0.2 mg
0.2 mg
0.2 g
150 mg

HIPER is designed to compensate the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your everyday diet. The complex is recommended as prophylactic and relief of depression. It is recommended as fotiflying and soft smoothing, additional source of vitamins and magnesium

Pregnancy, lactation period, high sensitivity to the ingredients of the complex

Recommended use:
Take one capsule two times daily with water

Manufactured by: Nutripharma Ltd. group "ARKOPHARMA" companies, Unit 507 - Western Estate - Waterford Industrial Estate - Ballynaneashagh - WATERFORD - IRELAND.

Each container contains 60 gelatin capsules - monthly supply
Weight of each capsule: 365 mg

Current Reviews: 7
Biologically active supplements, vitamins by Vision.

Product Reviews
Mike Stefanson - 09/22/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
I`m on Hiper for 2 months and it does make a different. I am impressed. I feel free and much easier since some time now. I feel i can breath again.

Zynea Lebasky - 07/23/2010 5 of 5 Stars!
Does exactly what it says it does !

Chris Jankowski - 01/08/2010 5 of 5 Stars!
it managed to calm me down and keep me that way, even throug i was in deep depression for 14 months now. Tru is it tooks like another 4 months to get out and stay on top of everthing, but i did and i`m really proud, and greatful that my friend told me about hiper. It propobly safe my life.

Mike Stefanson - 01/06/2010 5 of 5 Stars!
I`ve got driving licence exam today, so i will give Hiper a chance to calm me down a little beat. Hope it will do the job, otherwise it might be difficult to pass.

Vici Marton - 10/13/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
Hiper helped calm me down and ease the symptoms of my depression.

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