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Removal of toxins

Removal of toxins

The digestive system breaks down food for fuel and makes it available to the whole body. The fuel we provide must not only be of high quality, but it must also be assimilated properly.

The ingredients in the Cupers biologically active food supplement make up for a deficiency of biologically active substances in one's diet.

Cupers support the body's digestive system, and help normalize liver cell function.

Biologically active food supplement Cupers

  • support of the digestive system,
  • increased stamina of the liver in resisting infection,
  • cleansing the body of toxins

Holy hedgehog (Silybum marianum) contains a complex of most valuable biologically active components with hepatoprotective effect. It helps to neutralize toxins, it is applied at liver and kidneys malfunction, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In herbalism, it is used in cases of liver diseases (cirrhosis, jaundice and hepatitis), gallbladder disease, and is claimed to protect the liver against poisons.

Study did show activity against liver cancers. A 2005 Cochrane Review considered thirteen randomised clinical trials which assessed Holy hedgehog in 915 patients with alcoholic and/or hepatitis B or C virus liver diseases.

Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L) reduces and triglicerin level of cholesterol.

Dried or fresh leaves and/or stems of Cynara are used to increase bile production. Cynarin, an active constituent in Cynara, causes an increase in bile flow.

Fumaria officinalis (Earth smoke) It was traditionally thought to be good for the eyes, and to remove skin blemishes. In modern times herbalists use it to treat skin diseases, and conjunctivitis; as well as to cleanse the kidneys.

Cupers is an organic supplement


The benefits of detoxifying your body are both short and long term. Immediately after detoxifying you might notice increased mental awareness, more energy, more comfortable digestion of foods, and better absorption of nutrients, as well as an overall feeling of good health. Long-term benefits can include a reduced risk of cancer, reduced risk of environmental illnesses, and reduction of chronic illnesses.

Holy hedgehog 200 mg, Artichoke 50 mg, Fumaria officinalis 100 mg

CUPERS is designed to supply your everyday diet with necessary biologically active substances, it is recommended as fortifying for support the body's digestive system, contribute to improving of function of liver

High sensitivity to the ingredients of the complex, cholelithiasis

Recommended use:
Take one capsule two times daily with water

Manufactured by: Nutripharma Ltd. group "ARKOPHARMA" companies, Unit 507 - Western Estate - Waterford Industrial Estate - Ballynaneashagh - WATERFORD - IRELAND.

Each container contains 60 gelatin capsules - monthly supply
Weight of each capsule: 355 mg

Biologically active supplements, vitamins by Vision.

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