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I have been using this for a about a 4 weeks now and no irritation and it makes my skin feel moist. I recently bought L`oreal - very expensive and not sure I saw the benefits of it. Even though this has a scent to it - it does not bother my very allergic skin.....hope it works even better with time...and hoping for tighter, clearer skin--thanks

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Copper .This essential trace mineral has an essential role in the formation of bone, red blood cells, and hemoglobin, and it is necessary for the proper absorption and utilization of iron. It also plays a part in energy production, regulation of heart rate and blood pressure, fertility, taste sensitivity, skin and hair coloring, and the healing process.

Good Food Sources: Seafood, organ meats, blackstrap molasses, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, black pepper, cocoa, and water that is carried via copper pipes.

Signs of Deficiency: Signs of deficiency include brittle hair, anemia, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, infertility, and skeletal defects. Copper deficiency is uncommon, but it can occur in people who take a zinc supplement without increasing their copper intake, because zinc (as well as vitamin C and calcium) can interfere with copper absorption. Deficiency may also occur in people who have Crohn's disease, celiac disease, albinism, or in infants who are not breast-fed.

Uses of Copper : Copper is used to treat cataracts and osteoarthritis

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