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Love it- helps me get alkohol indepandence. after several trials a finely meet the detox pills and it save my life. i`m staying sober for 5 weeks now and it`s a fuge achievement, never happend befor. I was taking 6/day for 3 weeks and now 3/day just in case

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The ingredients in The Assortment for Men food supplement make up for a deficiency of biologically active substances in oneís diet, help to enhance the bodyís general tone, to boost potency and the level of sexual activity, and to enrich sexual sensations. the supplement from Men`s line help to normalize prostate gland function and to lower the risk of developing prostate adenoma. It also fortify the bodyís immune system, and ensure natural protection against disease-causing bacteria

The biologically active food supplements of the Men`s line provides the human organism with necessary nutriments, vitamins, macro and micro -elements.

The Assortment for Men are 100% organic supplements.

The answers to our health needs might be found in the herbs that Earth has provided us with. You can find these great natural ingredients in Vision's herbal nutritional products.

To take full advantage of what natural dietary supplements can offer, you must choose the right ones. It is only by taking your choice seriously that you will be able to live a fuller, and healthier, life. As you will see, we take our nutritional health supplements seriously.

So choose well from now on.

Protection from prostate illness
Helps to normalize prostate gland function and to lower the risk of developing prostate adenoma.

Live an Active Life!