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I would like to bay this product just for these days. I hope it will help me with my pain..

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For "those days"

For "those days"

Artemida helps decrease physical and emotional tension during the premenstrual period.

The ingredients in the Artemida biologically active food supplement make up for a deficiency of vitamins and other biologically active substances in one's diet, help the feminine body during “critical days".

Artemida also lowers the risk of developing inflammatory maladies of the urogenital system.

Biologically active food supplement Artemida

  • improvement of the function of the female reproductive system,
  • regulation of the menstrual cycle,
  • elimination of unpleasant and paintful sensations during menstruation,
  • reduction od physical and emotional tension during menstrual periods,
  • prevention of infections in the female reproductive system

Artemida is an organic supplement

Angelica (Angelica sinensis) is a spasmolytic, vaso-dilating remedy. It normalizes menstrual cycle. It salutarily influences the gastrointestinal tract function, it has a tonic effect on the central nervous system. It has anti-infection effect.

It is drying root is commonly known in Chinese as Radix Angelicae Sinensis, or Chinese angelica and is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat gynecological ailments, fatigue, mild anemia and high blood pressure.

Chinese angelica possesses the distinction of being one of the few good non-animal sources of Vitamin B12, along with some varieties of yeast and microalgae like spirulina. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and sedative effects. The plant's phytochemicals consist of coumarins, phytosterols, polysaccharides, ferulate, and flavonoids.

It is also used as an aphrodisiac. This herb is used by herbalists for the female reproductive system, as they believe that it is a uterine tonic and hormonal regulator. It is often used in premenstrual syndrome formulas as well as menopausal formulas. However, this herb is not recommended during pregnancy due to possible hormonal, anticoagulant, and anti-platelet properties.

Bearberry (Arctostaphylos Uva ursi) provides diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Uva Ursi has been used for centuries as a mild diuretic and astringent, and in the treatment of urinary tract infections. It contains the glycoside arbutin which has antimicrobial properties.

It is also thought to help reduce accumulations of uric acid, relieve the pain of bladder stones and be helpful for chronic diarrhea. As a nutritional supplement and muscle relaxant, Uva Ursi is thought to soothe, strengthen and tighten irritated and inflamed tissues.

Bugbane (Actaea racemosa) has a calming effect; improves work of heart, weakens the intestinal musculature

Actaea racemosa has been included in herbal compounds or dietary supplements marketed to women as remedies for the symptoms of premenstrual tension, menopause and other gynecological problems.

Native Americans used Actaea racemosato treat gynecological and other disorders, including sore throats, kidney problems, and depression. Artemisia vulgaris has also been used as an abortifacient .

Like most plants Actaea racemosacontains a very large number of organic compounds with biological activity. Complex biological molecules, such as triterpene glycosides (e.g. cycloartanes), have been shown to reduce cytokine-induced bone loss (osteoporosis) by blocking osteoclastogenesis in in vitro and in vivo models, suggesting that application of Actaea racemosa-produced compounds may aid treatments of this common ailment in humans.

Wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris) improves processes of digestion, has a sedative and light somnolent effect

The plant contains ethereal oils (such as cineole, or wormwood oil, and thujone), flavonoids, triterpenes, and coumarin derivatives. Artemisia is used in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine in a pulverized and aged form called moxa

Want to know how to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids - all wrapped up in a convenient little package?

Let's talk ARTEMIDA.


150 mg
50 mg
50 mg
0.033 mg
4 mg
2 mg

ARTEMIDA is designed to compensate the deficiency of vitamins in your everyday diet. Normalizes menstrual cycle, supports hormonal balance and recommended as fortifying effect for woman in their pre and menopause, and as an additional source of vitamins A and E

High sensitivity to the ingredients of the complex

Recommended use:
Take one capsule two times daily with water

Manufactured by: Nutripharma Ltd. group "ARKOPHARMA" companies, Unit 507 - Western Estate - Waterford Industrial Estate - Ballynaneashagh - WATERFORD - IRELAND.

Each container contains 60 gelatin capsules - monthly supply
Weight of each capsule: 400 mg

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Biologically active supplements, vitamins by Vision.

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Ilona Bakalarska - 06/26/2009 3 of 5 Stars!
I would like to bay this product just for these days. I hope it will help me with my pain..

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