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I have been using this for a about a 4 weeks now and no irritation and it makes my skin feel moist. I recently bought L`oreal - very expensive and not sure I saw the benefits of it. Even though this has a scent to it - it does not bother my very allergic skin.....hope it works even better with time...and hoping for tighter, clearer skin--thanks

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The Anti-stress Assortment products are a biologically active food supplements designed to support nervous system.

Every day the still weak and unformed body has to withstand a myriad of negative factors that come with the modern style of living. Tiredness, stresses, sleep loss, overstrain of the nervous system, and changing weather conditions all conspire against a child’s body nervous system.

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Natural sleep aid
Helps to quest your nerves and settle an overactive system. It quickly alleviates symptoms of insomnia and facilitates sleep .