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It does make a difference into my circulatory system. Results of ECG and cardiac monitoring of my heart speak for themselves. My cardiologist is impressed, and I`m delighted!!

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About the Company

Scope of activity

The Company Vision International People Group is one of the largest companies that currently offers the world market a wide range of health care and longevity products. Its mission statement is: ďWe Build Healthy Businesses!Ē that is to say, our business is about reliability, long-term commitment to its clients, profitability, and health, which is, after all, the main need every human being has as his or her top priority. Since its inception on the 14th of July 1996, the Company has been unswervingly committed to creating a new world culture of health as an absolute priority for the individual and for society in general. Hence the Companyís core lines of business, products it distributes, and services it delivers. 

High quality goods with the Vision International People Group trademark are promoted and marketed by means of direct marketing through a network of independent distributors. This method is called Net Work Marketing. 

At the present time, the impact the network marketing industry has on our economic and social lives goes way beyond simply satisfying consumersí regular demands. Network marketing offers a promising alternative or even better a great complement to traditional forms and methods of doing business, and we see conventional companies increasingly using this powerful tool to effectively market their goods and services in order to be leaders in the market.



Visionís philosophy is a personís conscious choice 
in favor of a healthy way of life, 
in favor of excellent health.

Visionís corporate philosophy is called the Whole Health Option - WHO. At the basis of this philosophy is the avowal of the fact that a personís health is the highest value and the understanding of health as harmony of the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social quality of life. 

The conditions in which modern man lives are often unfavorable to his health. Sometimes it isnít possible to change them. But still, much of what determines the state of a personís health remains in our power. For example, how much we eat, how long we sleep, who we associate with, and so on. All of that is the result of the individual options, the individual choices that a person makes on the basis of his personal system of values. It is his system of values that determines a personís behavior, his habits, his priorities, and what is called a way of life in general. 

The choice of excellent health is the option that a person himself chooses. However, making that choice alone, in isolation, isnít easy - you need the help of people who think like you do, because very often a person is compelled to make his choice under the conditions of an unhealthy information blockade, for example under the bullying of advertisements urging you to consume tobacco, alcohol, junk food, and so on that is destructive to your health. A person can resist that ďadvertising tyrannyĒ only with the support of a community of like-thinkers who have already made a conscious choice in favor of good health. 

Today thousands of people worldwide can be grateful to Vision distributors, the bearers of the WHO philosophy, for help in making the right choice. In this way, by creating a community of ďmeritocrats of healthĒ, the Company is erecting a beacon, following the light of which all of its clearheaded disciples will get their bearings.

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